GiveTurtle Privacy Policy

as of 10/11/2020


  • does its utmost to respect your privacy, as well as comply with various laws and regulations concerning your rights as a user (eg. GDPR, CalOPPA)
  • What you agree to

    By using our site, you agree to allow GiveTurtle to collect, store, use, and share data and information you provide according to the privacy policy below, and that you have read and understood the policy below.

    If you do not agree, you may cease usage of our website at any time.

    Regular updates

  • We reserve the right to update our privacy policy at any time, with our without notice. Your continued usage of our site constitutes consent to the privacy policy.
  • How we secure your data

    We take the security of your information seriously and follow industry-standard practices to ensure your information is protected.

    • • Data-at-rest is encrypted with 256-bit AES.
    • • Data transmitted between you and GiveTurtle is encrypted with SSL if using the HTTPS site.
    • • We do not store credit card numbers, CVVs, or other cardholder data.
    Why we collect information

    GiveTurtle collects information for the following, non-exhaustive, reasons:

    • • To comply with regulatory and legal requirements, such as the USA PATRIOT act.
    • • To provide you or other users the services GiveTurtle offers
    • • To improve the product, process, services, or technology
    • • To develop new products, procesess, services, or technologies
    Information we may collect

    We collect different kinds of information:

    • • Identification information about you or your devices
    • • Engagement, activity, tracking, and usage information
    • • Information about the ways you interact with our products, technologies, and services
    • • Personal information, such as name, contact information, location, etc.
    • • Business information, including financial, sensitive, personal, or private information needed to provide the services offered by GiveTurtle
    Information we do not collect

    We intentionally attempt to avoid collecting the following information:

    • • Content about individuals who are under 13 years of age.
    • • Content that is illegal, or explicit in nature (ie. content that is pornographic, violent, extremist, etc.)

    If you identify any such information on our site, please report it immediately to us so we can take it down.

    How we collect information

    This information may be collected in the following ways:

    • • Through you or your devices providing this information to us
    • • Through a user of our product
    • • From other 3rd-parties who provide this information

    We use cookies to identify and track you on our website. Cookies are secure, textual identifiers that allow us to track your session across our website. This is also how we provide the ability to log in and interact with our website.

    We do not sell your information

    GiveTurtle is not in the business of selling data to third-parties.

    How long we keep data

    We will keep your data for as long as needed to continue providing the services we do, and to comply with any legal or regulatory requirements.

    If you would like to request deletion of your data, or request to view data we have about you, please contact us.

    Information we may share

    Information collected may be shared with our customers, partners, vendors, or users to provide them the services offered by GiveTurtle, in both anonymoized and deanonymized manners, and in both individual or aggregate.

    If, for example, you donate money, the organization you donated to may be able to see your donation and contact information so that they can comply with non-profit regulations.